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Laura Truter private catering, baking and cooking classes in Paarl and Franschhoek
Laura Truter Catering in Paarl and Franschhoek

“I absolutely love what I do and am so fortunate to be able to do it in such an inspiring setting with the best produce, and fantastic local wines to pair with it.. Our lifestyle and climate in the Cape is a perfect match for Mediterranean cuisine and my menus and recipes have a strong Mediterranean influence although I do tend to bring in certain complimentary Scandinavian flavours and recipes which remain close to my heart and which I have a yearning to share. The focus on seasonality is as much present here as it is in Scandinavian cuisine. I also believe that your experiences and travels will always colour your cooking style and tastes though essential cookery basics and traditions should always underpin this sense of adventure!”

Laura Truter private catering services for parties and events

Private Catering

Looking for that signature meal for a special occasion or event? I offer private catering that combines innovative menus and fresh, locally sourced ingredients to produce a world-class dining experience that is sure to impress.

Laura Truter private catering services for parties and events


Love to cook? Now cook even better. Let me help you get the most out of your kitchen by evaluating your lifestyle, food preferences, pantry & food storage as well your kitchen appliances and your own personal cooking style.

Laura Truter cooking and baking classes for adults and children

Cooking & Baking Classes

In my cooking and baking classes, I share my skills and culinary secrets in a hands-on experience that tackles a selection of recipes designed to encompass the fundamental concepts of this culinary art. Avaliable for adults and children.

Oxtail, Gremolata & Parmesan Polenta

Slow-cooked until the meat is 'fall-off-the-bone' tender. Served with a zesty Gremolata and Parmesan Polenta. For a wholesome, rich stew that simply melts in the mouth.
Laura Truter private catering oxtail gremolata recipe
Laura Truter private catering services tuna tagliata recipe

Tuna Tagliata

Seared and sliced Tuna steaks drizzled with a spicey, clean and distinctively oriental flavoured dressing.

Roast Beet, Feta & Citrus Salad

Mediterranean-inspired salad with feta cheese and roasted beetroot, butternut and onions. Finished with a mild Dijon Mustard and citrus dressing.

Laura Truter private catering Roast Beef, Feta & Citrus Salad recipe
Laura Truter Lightly Curried Hake in Coconut Broth recipe

Lightly Curried Hake in Coconut Broth

Freshly fried hake in a creamy, lightly curried coconut broth. Served with tomato chutney and banana dumplings and topped with fresh coriander.

Laura Truter Catering Customer Testimonials
Thank you for the wonderful meal that you served on Saturday at Jani’s wedding – from the pre-crostinis through to the starters, main course and dessert everything was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. The portions were generous and people were astounded at the quality...


Laura Truter Catering Customer Testimonials